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KIWI Tree & Hedge Services

Your Trees, Our Passion.

Who Are We?

     At Kiwi Trees, we are committed to providing a high quality service, with staff that are knowledgeable and passionate about your trees. We are a Six Villages, Walberton based company. We are fully insured and all of our staff are qualified and experienced in the industry.
     No matter the size of the project, we take pride in our excellent work, competitive fees and the ability to deliver outstanding results. From coordinating projects to taking care of all oversight, we conveniently guide our clients through our services. Contact us today for a free and competitive quote.


     With 7 years experience being a Royal Marine Commando I am well suited to providing a professional service which is always above standards. A keen eye for any imperfection is in my nature.


Professional Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Tree Pruning


Tree Removal/ Felling

Hedge Cutting

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Crown; Cleaning, Lifting and Reduction